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I am just reposting this for Fr Harvey. I think it warrants some discussion. I agree with what he says.

Dear Editor,

Perhaps we can set a different standard for ourselves in responding to youthful excellence with possibilities still to be explored.  Keshorn Walcott!

DON’T USE HIM! DON’T SPOIL HIM! DON’T EXPLOIT HIM! DON’T THROW MONEY AT HIM! GIVE HIM ALL THAT HE NEEDS TO COMPLETE HIS EDUCATION! FIX TOCO SO THAT HIS COMMUNITY WILL BENEFIT AND HE WILL HAPPY TO KEEP HIS ROOTS INTACT.   Honour the whole Olympic team because some of them worked just as hard as Keshorn without the reward of medals.  Help him as a young man to remember that he was part of a team, even as we would like to think of him as part of our country.  He has become our hero.  We must help him to become the best human being he can be. Hopefully, fifty years from now, he will be part of the centenary of our Republic.  What we do now will determine how he sees us then.

Fr. Clyde Harvey.  Express 13/8

TTOC offers apology to TT quartet?

What happened to the other athletes is not understandable.  It is inexcusable.  In our politics and in our social life, if you are not numero uno, you are expendable.  The rest of the Olympic team was expendable on Monday 13th.  The nation, especially the government, owes them an apology.  If the bronze medallists had not won bronze, Keshorn would probably have thought that a medal was impossible for TnT. Everyone of our athletes who qualified for the Olympics is worthy of recognition and praise.  Keshorn still has a way to go.,  He should be further encouraged to reach for a 90m throw - not made to feel as if he is already the greatest.  Let us save the nation’s highest award for when he reaches the pinnacle.  We can give the same award to all our medallists. Our ingratitude hurt the many.  Let us hope that our extravagant praise does not spoil the one.  (To Newsday 15/8)

Fr. Clyde Harvey