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Exit Log. Absolutely amazing! You’re alive, but ONLY for 3 minutes… just watch. Then go here to find out more.

  • Me: Hello
  • Woman: Who's this?
  • Me: Sorry?
  • Woman: Ah ask yuh who is this?
  • Me: Huh? Who is this?
  • Woman: Why yuh doh want to tell me who did is? eh? Where him?
  • Me: I'm sorry ma'am I think you have the wrong number. . .
  • Woman: Who is this?!
  • Me: I'm sorry ma'am. . .
  • Woman: Look stop playing this game yuh har!?
  • Me: I'm. . .
  • Woman: I go deal wit him yuh hear!? *click*
  • well. . . oh kay. . . lol You could give Trini's fancy phones but they still have no app to teach them proper etiquette. lol

This is pure genius.

Australian female mugshots of the 1920’s. Coming off of the male mugshots of the 1920’s these are the women. Again always ONE badass in the bunch. The last pic is of Kathleen Ward who fluttered her eyes on purpose to ruin the picture, what a story there. Also the first picture is of Eugenia Falleni who spent most of her career posing as a man and married a widow!

Police mugshots of the 1920’s These are my fav ones, especially the guy who flatly refused to open his eyes. The story you could create by that picture and character alone is gold! Thanks to copyranter for the link.

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